Friendly + Sensible since 1980

Born in West Germany in 1980, I grew up in Cornwall with my mum and my sister.

I'm a music loving, video games enthusiast, and a 'mature student' with the Open University studying Design & Innovation (BA Hons).



Curiosity, enthusiasm and ingenuity are the three main things that drive my work.

Problems are always opportunities in disguise.


My dyslexia liberated me from academic work through school and drove me towards drama and the arts where I excelled. It ignited my awareness of good and bad communication.


My attention to detail, eye for quality and personable manner, combined with my aptitude for complex, abstract thought and emotional intuition mean I have an eclectic array of skills essential for work in art and communication.


A natural grafter, I left home at 16 and have been self sufficient ever since.


Honest, positive and passionate, I am proud of once being described as "insouciant - but in a good way" by one of my peers.

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